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Who remembers Willy Wonka? Don't we all? Who wouldn't want to live in a world of exciting surprises, where memories last a lifetime. The reason Charlie found these new world's so amazing was because he'd never experienced them before and we as people are no different. Adventure, Surprise, Challenge, Atmosphere - all make us come alive.

Hot Ice Cream for cold days – why the heck not! What else have we not experienced yet that will put a smile on our faces? When was the last time you did something for the first time? Or maybe it's just doing again what we've enjoyed before. Whatever it be, it's about living. Acting on impulse, thinking differently, finding yourself in new situations, meeting similar minded people from  dissimilar backgrounds, seeing something new, all evoke emotions we should feel more often.

The guys who created this are no different. We live in one of the greatest cities in the world, where options are aplenty, yet it's sometimes difficult to work out what to do. The reason – because spending money involves thought. And thought takes time and effort. So if we take the cost away it all becomes easier. Tap and go, forget about it and stride on. If you win we all win. If you don't win this time, someone else wins and we make the world go round.

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We like people, we like stories, and we want to hear yours. So drop us a note telling us which event you'd go back to tomorrow and why. Tell us what it was like, the spine tingling feeling and why it blew your mind. Each week we'll pick one inspiring story and we're taking you to dinner – it's on us. We'll have fun, we'll laugh, we'll think and we'll grow.

If you prefer good old fashioned email, you can drop us a line on

Charlie Gower | 07793045525

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